• Lag BaOmerNext Up: Community Barbeque @ Point Au Roche! Sunday, May 26th @ 4 pm, Lakeside Pavilion.

    Come enjoy a delicious dinner of fresh & tasty grilled burgers and sides in warm enjoyable company.
    Warmth to touch the tummy, heart and soul ❤

    *State Parking Fees apply.
  • Shabbat MealsJoin us for a wonderful experience as we celebrate Shabbat through a program that will give you insight into the traditions and customs that have enriched our lives for thousands of years. Come relax and unwind over a delicious homemade and nutritious lunch or dinner. Call, email or text us which weekend would be convenient for you.
  • Torah StudyDive into the weekly Torah portion surrounded by a warm community at Chabad! Satisfying for the curious mind plus lots of warmth to touch the heart, equals the perfect rejuvenation after a long week!

    Happening weekly at 46 Grace Ave, at 12 pm. No Reservation Required.

    Shabbat lunch follows from 1-3 pm. All are welcome!
  • Mitzvahs & TraditionsShabbat, kosher, mezuzah, tefillin, mikvah . . . The essence of Judaism is in its rituals and observances. A selection of websites offering information and guidance on some of the most basic mitzvot.
  • ParshahA comprehensive presentation of the weekly Torah reading, including translations, summaries and overviews, Rashi in English, and anthology of classical commentaries, essays based on the teachings of the chassidic masters, a wide selection of contemporary "Parshah Columnists," audio classes and a "Family Parshah" section for kids
  • Chabad On CampusOur Chabad Houses kindle the hearts and minds of Jewish students at colleges around the world. They are hubs outside of the classroom where old friends and new friends become family. Each on-campus house is genuinely home to a rabbi, a rebbetzin, and their children. To you, it’s a home away from home, whether you’re non-practicing, somewhat observant or totally traditional.
Who is The Rebbe?

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

The 10 Mivtzoyim

Ten Main Mitzvah Campaigns for Our Generation

The Jewish Woman

All About Living as a Jewish Woman

Did You Count Yet?

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Virtual Judaica Shop

One stop for all your Judaica needs!

Kids' Corner

#1 Jewish Website

Kids' Videos

Educational and Fun

Test Your Jewish Knowledge!

How Much Do You Really Know?

Parenting Support

The most challenging but rewarding job.


What happens when you just don't have it?

Kosher Cooking

Favorite Jewish Recipes

Holiday Learning

Learn about Purim with Your Family!

Daily Thought
Nobody ever demanded you unravel every mystery of the cosmos, or make sense of all you learn. There are things we will come to understand and things we will never fathom in our lifetimes—as well as things that are just beyond the gray matter within the human skull. As humans, we are indignant about such limitations, as though the unknown has no right to stay unknown. As though reality is defined by our ability to know it. It may be hard to concede, but none of us is G–d. Our job description is not to know all things. Our job...
Our Upcoming Events
Lag Baomer BBQ
Come enjoy freshly grilled burgers and sides in warm enjoyable company. Sunday, May 26 at 4 pm @ Point Au Roche (Lakeside Pavilion) *Parking Fees. Warmth to touch the tummy, heart and soul!
Community Purim Party
Join us for a spectacular Purim Celebration at the West Side Ballroom! Falafel Bar, Megillah Reading and Israeli themed activities for all ages. Happening Sunday, March 24, from 3-5 pm.
Pre-Chanukah Women's Event
Design a beautiful porch sign to deck your home! Thursday, Nov. 30th, 7 pm at 46 Grace Ave. An evening of friendship and growth. Come Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate!
Unity Menorah Lighting
Menorah Lighting at Trinity Park Unites Jews Across the North Country! Thursday, Dec. 7 at 4 pm. A Project of Chabad of Plattsburgh in conjunction with Temple Beth Israel.
Tu Bishvat Kids Program
An easier after school routine for all of our devoted moms who tend for our nation's little trees day in and day out. Thursday, Jan 25, at 4:30 pm, at Chabad. Dinner & Chocolate Fruit Ar...
Ongoing Programs at Chabad
Prayer, Torah Study & Lunch
Every Saturday at 11 am, we begin with prayer, followed by a text-based reading of the weekly Torah portion with commentary and insights at 12 pm, and climaxed by a scrumptious three-course homemade Shabbat lunch. Let the warm atmosphere carry you into a wonderful new week!
Email us at [email protected], or call or text (518) 565-9090 for more details.
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